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Guided by the CAIPA Strategic Plan (2014-2018), the Association provides several services to its members:

  • Capacity Building – Capacity building has been a key initiative of CAIPA since its establishment. Stakeholders have also seen this area as one of effectiveness for CAIPA. Since its establishment, CAIPA has organised a number capacity building activities. These include:
  • Study tours
  • Workshops
  • Web seminars and training
  • Attachments to other IPAs


  • Research and Information – CAIPA’s members have need for strategic information to support their activities. However they face resource constraints in gaining access to critical information in a timely and cost-effective manner. CAIPA allos for the joint procurement of information that will be used by all its members. Research and information services include:
  • Investor Perception surveys
  • Investment opportunities
  • Market trend analyses
  • Sectoral information
  • Due diligence information
  • Investor tracking
  • Customer relations management
  • Comparative and competitor information


  • Advocacy – CAIPA advocates for an improved business environment in the Caribbean. In this regard the focus is on the following:
  • Collaborating with the Caribbean Growth Forum
  • Working with members to improve their Ease of Doing Business Ranking
  • Expanding the use of special economic zones
  • Creating improved dispute settlement mechanisms


  • Caribbean brand Development – The brand development strategic objective has a two-fold focus:
  • Establishing the Caribbean Region as a strong brand for sustainable investment that addresses economic, human and environmental concerns (the triple bottom line); and
  • Establishing CAIPA as the premier mechanism for regional investment collaboration among the donor and investment community.