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Doing Business Guide Barbados

Undoubtedly any investor will have many questions about regulations, setting up and operating a business in Barbados. However, starting a business in Barbados is relatively simple.
Committed to this cause the Government of Barbados has progressively refined its legislation to makepossible the easy establishment of international business entities, allowi
ng investors to maximise theirreturn on investment. This legislation facilitates the creation of a broad range of entities such as International Banks, International Insurance Companies, International Trusts, Societies withRestricted Liability and International Business Companies and provides the transparency,predictability and legal certainty necessary to ensuring the success your business.
Invest Barbados (IB), the government‟s agency entrusted with the task of landing foreign investment,offers a wide range of services and facilities to help foreign investors start or invest in a business inBarbados. Even if you have conducted business in Barbados previously, IB is the place to begin. Inclose cooperation with all government ministries IB provides you with smooth access to
administrative information including laws, standards, regulations, incentives and business conditions around the nation. The staff and the network of experts in various fields are ready to show you the way and will guide you through the steps required for setting up your business.
This publication outlines the procedures for setting up and operating in Barbados. We stand ready to guide you through the process!

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